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For customers switching from Synapse to MyAccount this March this site aims to provide you with useful information, how-to video guides and FAQs.

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What is happening?

From March your billing platform Synapse is changing to MyAccount

Copies of customer letters advising of the changes can be downloaded here:

For customers with International Freephone Numbers (ITFS) >>For customers without International Freephone Numbers (ITFS) >>

Why MyAccount?

Browse account history, manage usage and costs, and run call analytics at a time that suits you.

MyAccount puts you in control allowing you to get the information you want, when and how you want it.

This essential business support tool enables you to:

  • Set alerts
  • Bar calls
  • Activate and swap SIMs
  • Order new SIM cards
  • Detect issues
  • Analyse your bills

‘Switching Over’ Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our commitment to continuously improving our customer experience, Daisy is in the process of upgrading our Corporate Services billing platform to our proprietary Group platform. The current Synapse online portal you use today will be replaced by MyAccount, which is Daisy’s secure account management portal.
The transition is already underway and you will receive your first invoice from the Group platform at the beginning of March 2019.
MyAccount gives you the same features as Synapse, to support you in managing your Daisy account.

MyAccount is an established, robust platform used by thousands of Daisy customers and it is extremely easy to use, below gives you just some of the features that will be available to you:

  • Analyse costs
  • Run call analysis reports
  • Set up usage alerts and bar calls
  • Download invoices and reports
  • View statements
  • Manage your mobile connections including barring, activating and swapping SIMs
  • Order mobile hardware

Please note if you are a Synapse 2 user, you should continue to log and track faults and service requests on Synapse2 and they will reach the same customer service teams.

No, the username for accounts, companies and company groups will be changed to “current username” @ DaisyID”. Daisy ID will be Account Number for account, CLI or Cost Centre users, CompanyGroupID for Company Group level users and CompanyID for Company level users. Both old and new usernames will be specified on the migration email you will receive. If you currently have a username which is your email address or something like “NewUser” then it will be changed to your name.
You will be sent a MyAccount login week commencing 18th February 2019. You can familiarise yourself with the portal ahead of the switchover in March 2019.
Your alerts will be transferred to MyAccount from 1st March and will be managed there from this date. You should also manage your mobile connections, barring and analyse calls using MyAccount rather than Synapse from 1st March. No information will be updated on Synapse after 28th February 2019.
No, your account number is changing (your existing account number will be prefixed with “AN2” so it will be “AN2xxxxx”. Your company ID (ANxxxxxx) and company group ID (CIDxxxxxx) will remain the same.
Going forward you will need to login to MyAccount to download your invoice. This is due to GDPR regulations meaning we cannot send invoices on email to remain compliant. You will receive an email notification when the invoice is available to download from MyAccount.
See below on this web page our “how to use” videos.

MyAccount Help Videos

Please note: all phone numbers shown in these videos are for display purposes only. Please log into MyAccount to get your dedicated number or use the form at the top of this page.
Stay in complete control of your Daisy account and discover the new and improved features of MyAccount with this series of help videos.

Analyse Your Bill

Using the bill section, you can analyse your spend in a variety of different ways.

View invoices or unbilled* amounts, search by types or specific numbers or even create your own reports and export to .PDF or .CSV files.

*If you choose to look at your unbilled spending, it’s important to remember that this won’t include any discounts, including free minute allocation as these are added once the invoice is prepared.

Manage Cost Centres

The manage cost centres section of MyAccount is the perfect tool that ensures all business outgoings are accounted for. You may even be able to avoid unexpected costs by viewing all of the cost centres your organisation has on its account.

Save, validate and submit various changes to complete the process, and all changes will be immediate within MyAccount and will show on your next bill.

MyAccount for Mobile

Mobile MyAccount is now integrated into the existing Daisy MyAccount portal.

Order replacement SIMs, report lost or stolen phones, restrict services and create or check alerts – giving you even better control to manage your Daisy account as and when you need to.

Log into MyAccount>>

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